As the name itself proposes, Dooren is an invitation to dive inside of minds, souls, and hearts, singing melancholic and reflexive tunes, surrounded by involving orchestration.


The project was born the opposite way most bands do: first, lyrics were written, an album was recorded, and then, a band was gathered. Dooren came out of the will to make these songs public and reach people, and in hopes, help them through music.


The debut album is a compilation of songs written and composed by the lead singer Ludmila Reis, during two years of turbulence and apathy so surprisingly combined, trying to deal with depression and anxiety. She found out that, through writing and music making, she could keep herself alive.


In middle 2018, Dooren produced the debut album "The Darkest Days" with multi-instrumentist Celo Oliveira.


In March 2019, multi-instrumentist Daniel Xavier joined Dooren on the guitars and strings, when the band released the "Piano in the Dark" version, also produced by Celo Oliveira.

In January 2020, bassist Pedro Ribeiro joined the band, and they are since then working on the new album.